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Download your FREE 2-week workout plan to get a stronger core!

With only 10-15 minutes a day you can make a real difference to your core and pelvic floor function. You will get 5 complimentary workouts and lifestyle hacks that are safe and effective for beginners and new mums.

How I can help you 

You may be unsure where, when and how to use weights to get stronger. You're no longer progressing with your go-to exercise routine. You want to feel more confident in peri-menopause or after having a baby. If this sounds like you, you've come to the right place!

Finding time and motivation to exercise can be a challenge, whether you are working full time

or you are a busy mum - or both... But I can help!

I am committed to helping women discover their strength and confidence at any age with a comprehensive remote coaching plan. I also offer 1:1 PT and Small Group Personal Training in Herne Hill.

The Stronger By Siri Plan consists of:

Siri garden PT session

Personalised fitness plans

Tailored on-demand
workout plan to meet YOUR
unique goals

Nutrition advice

Nutrition advice

Nutrition tracking
and lifestyle habit hacks

Consultations with Siri

Ongoing support

Regular check-ins to 
ensure accountability 
and progression

Keen to learn more?
Let's have a no-obligation call to discuss how I can help get your fitness and nutrition back on track

Siri PT Profile Picure

About me

I'm a working mum, too. 

My name is Siri.

I have always been active, but exercise took a tumble when I was juggling kids, a full-time job and studying. I also struggled to find the right resources for postnatal recovery. Burning the candle at both ends made me rethink my priorities and I qualified as a Level 3 PT in 2019, after 15 years in online marketing. I wanted to encourage other women to embrace strength training at any age, so I trained with the best in the industry to gain the necessary knowledge to best serve new mums and women going through peri/post menopause. Since then, I have helped countless women build their confidence through resistance training. Learning to lift weights in a safe and effective manner really is a game changer! 

I launched Stronger By Siri to reach a wider audience beyond my neighbourhood, where I continue to do 1:1 and Small Group Personal Training. I see most of my clients in my private studio in Herne Hill (London, SE24), but I also do home visits and sessions in local parks. 

I'd love to speak to you! 
Click below to arrange a chat about your fitness journey and how I can help

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