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What you'll need for home workouts (and me-time)

Equipment for home workouts

If you're on a limited budget I would prioritise getting a yoga mat and either 5kg dumbbells or an 8kg kettlebell. You can do effective full-body home workouts covering core, strength and cardio with one piece of equipment. I have listed the tried & tested brands I use in my PT studio (though I get my kettlebells from Kettlebell Kings)


The below apps/websites are useful weight management resources that I recommend to my clients. There is truth in the saying that you can't outrun a bad diet, but you obviously need to know what your diet looks like to get an idea of your calorie consumption.  

PH Nutrition: Calculate your macros
NHS calorie counter app 
MyFitnessPal calorie counter (syncs with my Stronger By Siri app)

Put yourself first!

We need to get better at practising self care! To get you started, here are some discount codes to a few home treatments that I use and 100% recommend: 

Le Salon: Get £20 off your first treatment at home with code: SI02EN
Le Salon come to your house for lashes, mani/pedis, waxing  and blow drys. Download the app here to redeem

Urban: Urban provides excellent home massages at home in London. Get £10 off your first booking if you use code: RSIRIJ6
Download the app here to redeem


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