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About me

After I had children, I was strapped for time, lacked energy and motivation. I was working full-time in a corporate environment and felt that I didn't do a good job as an employee, nor as a mother or a partner. Exercise had always been an important part of my life, but it went out the window as I had to prioritise getting back from work just before nursery shut for the day. Cue mum guilt! It just didn't feel right and I decided to train as a Personal Trainer focusing on pre/postnatal and peri/post-menopause exercise. I struggled to find a solution for my own postnatal issues, so gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience from helping others has also helped me.


Whilst I continue to enjoy working with new mums, I also focus on exercise in peri/post menopause. Issues related to menopause has been largely ignored by the medical profession, the media and fitness industry. I'm determined to fuel awareness and educate the women I work with to take charge and make healthy lifestyle changes for a better peri/menopause journey. Exercise and resistance training is a big part of that.

I am originally from Norway and have spent over 20 years studying and working in the UK. I live in Herne Hill, London with my husband, our two kids and Cosmo the cat. When I'm not spending time with the family, I enjoy seeing friends, staying active and travelling.

I have a Level 3 PT qualification from Future Fit, plus pre/postnatal and peri-post menopause specialisms from Burrell Education and BirthFit in the US.

Why Stronger by Siri?

Empowering women to find their confidence through strength training is incredibly rewarding and I can relate to how the struggle is real. This is exactly why I developed my remote coaching offering to complement my 1:1 Personal Training. This is a programme built by a likeminded mum, with time-strapped parents and busy professionals in mind. Programming will be tailored to where you are at, whether you are pregnant, a new mum or experiencing peri-menopausal symptoms. 

This remote coaching programme provides: 

- Effective core strengthening exercises
- Pelvic floor and correct breathing techniques 
- 15-45 minute home workout routines tailored to you
- Nutrition advice to support individual goals
- Lifestyle hacks to further optimise your training
- Ongoing motivation and support
- Regular Zoom check-ins to encourage you towards your goals

If you are local to Herne Hill/Dulwich you can choose to combine at-home workouts with in-person 1:1 Personal Training sessions. Small Groups (online or in person) are also available as a more affordable option. 

Keen to learn more?

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