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Why Remote Coaching?

Have you found yourself skipping a workout - despite every good intention set earlier in the day - because your train was delayed, the kids had to be picked up or the weather simply wasn't on your side? Or perhaps you fall in the camp of being stuck in an exercise rut: Doing your weekly jog or swim, or going to the gym but feel out of place, self-conscious and unsure how to make the most out of your time there? Trust me; we've all been there! If you're nodding right now, I would say it's time to take a different approach to kickstart your exercise routine.

This is where Personal Trainers come into their own. Because a major part of what we do is motivating clients to:

  1. Showing up for themselves

  2. Encouraging clients to work out in a safe and more efficient manner

However... if your kids/family/work/travel arrangements/location/plumber/UPS delivery are getting in the way of actually getting to a PT session in the first place (or an exercise class or the gym for that matter), Remote Coaching should be on your radar as a viable option. The number one benefit to remote coaching is that it allows for flexibility.

In a nutshell, remote coaching provides:

  1. Flexibility: You choose when and where you do your workouts, whether it is at home, the gym or in a hotel if you are travelling. As long as you stick to the allocated workouts programmed for you every week, you will get stronger! I plan variety around specific movement patterns when I do clients' programming, to ensure boredom doesn't get in the way of progressing towards your goals.

  2. Affordability: You can get cheap as chips workout apps and gym memberships now, which is great - as long as you know what you are doing...But if you need support from a PT who knows what your goals are and knows what you can and cannot do (e.g. due to injury, pregnancy or pre-existing health conditions), remote coaching is a more affordable means of making use of a Personal Trainer's expertise - something you wouldn't get from a run-of-the-mill workout app.

  3. Accountability: Remote coaching allows you to do the actual workouts when it suits you, but there is still someone available to answer your WhatsApp questions or jump on Zoom to check in on your technique if you are unsure. You will get reminders and options to provide feedback on workouts if you feel that you are in need of modifications or a more challenging workout. In addition to fully remote coaching, I also offer a unique hybrid option combining in-person 1:1 PT sessions with Remote Coaching, which is a great option for the time-poor who also enjoy in-person sessions

  4. Activity and nutrition tracking: For the data driven out there - connect your Apple Watch or Fitbit to get a full picture of your daily movement patterns. There is so much value in walking, doing housework and doing the school run if you would like to lose weight, so is tracking your nutrition using MyFitnessPal, which can also be synced with the platform that I am using for the Stronger By Siri app.

  5. Habit coaching: Little changes can make a big difference to our energy levels, which is why habit coaching plays a big part in my Remote Coaching offering. Yes, exercise is important, but it is what we do in the other 23 hours of the day that really matters. 'You can't outrun a bad diet' is a fitting quote to use. Though sleep, fresh air, walking, being mindful and looking after our mental health are all factors that influence whether or not we meet our fitness goals.

I'm often asked 'How often do I need to work out?' The unpopular, but correct response is that a weekly workout simply isn't enough, whether you want to get stronger, change your body composition, lose weight or improve flexibility/mobility. The real answer is of course that it depends on your goals. But most people have (read: should!) have a goal with their training, in which case you would need to do exercise 3-4 times/week, which is in line the guidelines for general health and wellbeing (infographic from can be found here)

Not many have the time or financial means to see a PT 3-4 times per week however, so remote coaching is a way to achieve your goals with supervision and motivation from a PT.

I offer the following options:

Keen to give Remote Coaching a go? I offer FREE CONSULTATIONS on the phone or Zoom, which gives us an opportunity to discuss your goals and what you are looking for in more detail. Book in a call today at a time that suits you


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