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5 benefits of resistance training

Strength training, used interchangeably with resistance training, is simply using some form of resistance to build muscle strength and/or endurance. You can use any form of resistance: Your own bodyweight, TRX or resistance bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, slam balls, barbells, weight machines. Hey, you can even fill a backpack with books or use your toddler as a weight!

You can argue that strength training is a little more focused on making your muscles stronger by lifting heavier weight at lower rep ranges, but let's not get all nitty-gritty!

5 Resistance training benefits

  • Maintain muscle mass: From the age of 30, we lose 3-8% of muscle mass per decade. We want to maintain muscle mass to avoid illnesses associated with a higher fat mass, as well as an increased risk of falling

  • Improved muscle tone: 'Toning up' is a way of saying that we want to look good. And there's nothing wrong with that! If you want to have defined muscles and 'look toned', you gotta pick up those heavier dumbbells more often (3-4x week I'd say...)!

  • Lower risk of injury: If you know how to safely lift a heavy weight with good technique, you adopt the same lifting pattern when you lift a child or a heavy box. You also have stronger joints, tendons and ligaments, and existing muscle imbalances are corrected, meaning that you are better prepared for whatever life throws at you

  • Lower body fat: Strength training increases lean muscle mass and lowers your body fat percentage - and with it comes improvements in your resting metabolic rate (BMR), commonly known as your metabolism. The higher the BMR, the more calories you burn at rest (see article on TDEE).

  • Helps manage blood sugar levels: With increased muscle mass/lower body fat mass our insulin sensitivity improves, meaning we lower the risk developing insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes

As with other types of exercise, strength training positively influences heart health, brain health, coordination and balance. It helps with weight management, lowers risk of metabolic syndrome (the combination of diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity) and improves mental health and self confidence. Read more about why women should do resistance training in this post.


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